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About Home Signal.

Home Signal can help enhance your indoor signal. You may be eligible to get Home Signal if you have trouble connecting to the network indoors, you live in a rural area, or if your house has thick walls that block your signal.

You need a 3G Three phone to use Home Signal. Up to four phones can use it to send or receive calls, texts or data at any one time. You can also register up to 32 different numbers with it, so your friends and family can use their phones in your home, as long as they're on Three. You can set up your Home Signal so that only the people you've given access to will be able to use it.

To set up your family and friends on your Home Signal, just fill in our online form.

Home Signal can send out a signal for up to 15 metres and on average, it's likely to use around half a gigabyte of your Home Broadband allowance per month, depending on your usage. An hour talking on the phone uses around 37MB of data.

To use the Home Signal, you need:

  • a 3G Three phone and SIM
  • the Home Signal, Ethernet cable and power cable
  • a fixed line Home Broadband connection and router with a spare Ethernet port
  • a spare mains plug socket.

Setting up your Home Signal.

Find out how to set up and use Home Signal.


  • You can only use Home Signal in your UK home, for non-business purposes. If you move, you must let us know your new address before using Home Signal in your new home.
  • We can’t guarantee that coverage will reach outdoors.
  • Home Signal will use some of your Home Broadband data allowance. You should check your data limits and keep track of your usage so you don’t go over your allowance.
  • Before you use Home Signal, you need to read and agree to the Home Signal terms & conditions.



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