About Home Signal.

Home Signal is a great way to make calls and send texts if you have trouble getting signal indoors. It’s quick and simple to set up, and should give you great signal whenever you’re at home.


Up to four phones on Three can use Home Signal to send or receive calls, texts or data at once.


  • You’ll need to register any family and friends who are on Three for them to be able to use your Home Signal. You can register up to 32 different numbers with it as long as they're on Three. Only the people you've given access to will be able to use it. To set up your family and friends on your Home Signal box, just follow the link below.


Add friends and family to your Home Signal.


Note: If you decide you no longer need Home Signal, you’ll need to return it to us, or you may be charged £75. Find out how to return it below.


Setting up your Home Signal.

By plugging in and using your Home Signal, you're accepting our terms and conditions. You should read these first.


To set up your Home Signal:


  1. Plug the Ethernet cable into your Home Signal and plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into a free Ethernet port on your broadband router
  2. Connect the power cable to your Home Signal

How to plug in your Home Signal.

  1. Your Home Signal will now start setting itself up. Your Home Signal will be ready to use when the green light stays on. This can take up to an hour

If you're having problems connecting after an hour, you should reset your Home Signal. To do this, insert a pin or paperclip into the small hole on the back of the box, just above where you plug in the power cable. Hold it there for 10 seconds until the Home Signal box resets.


Note: Your Home Signal needs your home broadband connection to work. If there's a power cut or failure, or your home broadband fails, you won’t be able to make emergency (999 or 112) calls with your Three phone.


It’s really important that the information you give us about where the Home Signal box is used is correct and kept up to date. We may use the details you give us when registering your Home Signal box to identify your location when 999 or 112 calls are made to the emergency services.


If you already use your phone with Wi-Fi to use the internet or download apps, we recommend that you keep doing this, even when you’re using the Home Signal box too.

Using Home Signal.

Before you use Home Signal, you need to read and agree to the Home Signal terms & conditions. This includes the fact that you can only use a Home Signal box in your UK home, for non-business purposes. If you move, you must let us know your new address before using the Home Signal box in your new home.


The box can send out a signal for up to 15 metres but we can’t guarantee that coverage will reach outdoors. You'll find that Home Signal works best when you're at least half a metre away from the box.


On average, Home Signal is likely to use around half a gigabyte of your Home Broadband allowance per month, depending on your usage. An hour talking on the phone uses around 37MB of data. You should check your data limits and keep track of your usage so you don’t go over your allowance.

Connections problems.

The green light will flash slowly when someone is actively using Home Signal. If it's slowly flashing and you're having trouble using it, make sure that there aren't already four people trying to use the signal, as only four people can use the Home Signal box at once.


If you've added extra users to the service and they're having trouble using it, you may need to reset the Home Signal box. To do this, insert a pin into the small hole on the back of the box, just above where you plug in the power cable. Hold it there for 10 seconds until the Home Signal box resets.


If you're having trouble connecting your Home Signal box, try unplugging the box and plugging it back in again. If this doesn't work and the light on your Home Signal box turns red, follow one of these steps:


Number of red light flashes


How you can fix it


No connection to your Broadband router or modem

Check the connection between your router and your Home Signal box


No internet connection

Check that your router is turned on and connected to the internet


Signal interference problem

Try placing your Home Signal box in a different place at least a metre away from other devices (e.g. your router)



Put your Home Signal box in a position with plenty of space and good airflow


Smart Card problem.

Make sure that the Smart Card (a small green card similar to a phone's SIM) is properly inserted into the slot on the underside of your Home Signal box

Constantly on (no flashes)

Ethernet cable problem

Check to make sure that the Ethernet cable is correctly inserted into the Home Signal box and your router


If none of these steps work or if the green light is permanently flashing and your signal doesn’t improve, try resetting your Home Signal box, as described above.


If after this your signal doesn't improve and the green light keeps flashing, call us for free on 0800 358 4828.

Returning a Home Signal.

If you leave us, or you’re still having indoor coverage problems with the Home Signal box, call us free on 0800 358 4828 between 8am and 9pm on weekdays or between 9am and 8pm on weekends so we can discuss your signal issues further.


If you’re upgrading, the normal 14 day money back guarantee applies.