Top-up your Pay As You Go phone.

Here we explain the different ways to top-up your Pay As You Go phone on Three. If you're looking for help on topping up your Mobile Broadband dongle or MiFi wireless modem you can find it here.

Once you've topped up your account make sure you convert your credit to an Add-on to get even more for your money. Find out how here. If you've just bought a new Pay As You Go phone from us, it'll already be preloaded with an All-in-One 10 or All-in-One 15 Add-on.

You can top-up:

With a voucher bought from a shop.

Top-up vouchers can be bought from supermarkets, shops and petrol stations. You can buy a top-up for £10, £15, £20, £25, £30, £40 and £50. You'll get a printed voucher that looks like a till receipt with a 16-digit number on it. Just call 444 free from your Three phone and enter this number when prompted. You can also top-up with a voucher using your My3 account on your phone or computer.

With a credit/debit card.

You first need to register your card in My3. You can then top-up whenever you like by calling 444 free from your Three phone, or by going to My3 either on your PC or phone. The easiest way to register a card is by going to It takes up to seven days to register your credit or debit card (you can't use it to top-up until then).

At a cash machine.

You can top-up at any Barclays or HSBC cash machine if you have a card from one of these banks:

  • Barclays
  • HSBC
  • Nationwide
  • The Coventry
  • Yorkshire
  • Clydesdale
  • Creation

Click here to find a cash machine near you.

There is no expiry date for top-ups. All Add-ons are valid for 30 days from purchase except where stated e.g. Add Internet Daily.



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