Nokia Lumia 925 support.

Create a Microsoft account.

You'll need a Microsoft account to download apps from Windows Phone Store.

When you turn on your phone for the first time, you'll be given the option to create a Microsoft account or you can set up a Microsoft account online at a later stage.

To set up a Microsoft account:

  1. From the homescreen, slide your finger to the left to open the menu

  2. Tap Settings

  3. Tap email + accounts

  4. Tap add an account

  5. Tap Microsoft account

  6. If you have a gamertag or Zune Pass, tap the the back button and sign in using that account first. If not, tap next

  7. Enter your email address and password, tap sign in

  8. You'll be asked if you want to back up your data. If you prefer, you can set this up later in settings

    Your Microsoft account is now ready to use.



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