Spend Caps

What is a Spend Cap?

A Spend Cap lets you limit your spend on calls, texts, data and other services not included in your monthly plan. So, you can run out of minutes, data or make premium rate calls and not have to worry about your bill.

Which Spend Cap is right for me?

I want to avoid any extra charges over and above my monthly plan.

A £0 Spend Cap will block access to all chargeable services.

This includes international calls, voting and donating using shortcodes, and paying for digital content.

I want the flexibility of using chargeable services, but also want to avoid a bill I can't afford.

You can set your Spend Cap to an amount you're comfortable with, anything between £10 and £100.

We'll block access to chargeable services as soon as your cap is reached.

I don't want my spend capped.

No problem. You can switch your Spend Cap off.

How to set a monthly Spend Cap

Choose the max you’re willing to pay on top of your plan and that’s it. You can set your cap to £0 if you want, or to anything between £10 and £100 - in £10 increments. You can also choose to switch it off completely.

It’s easy to set this up by logging onto My3 or the Three app. Here’s how:

Three app steps

  1. Open the Three app
  2. Go to the Bills tab
  3. Select Set a spend cap

My3 steps

  1. Log into My3
  2. Open the Your Account menu
  3. Select Allowance and price plan
  4. Then select Control your spending

If you have any problems setting up your Spend Cap, contact us. You can also visit your local Three store for help. We’ll send you a text straightaway to let you know your Spend Cap is live. And you can use the Three app to check how much you’ve spent anytime you want.

What’s included in a Spend Cap

What’s not included

Benefits of having a Spend Cap

There are loads of reasons for getting a Spend Cap. You can use it to stop your children going over the limit, or for when you’re on holiday or travelling abroad. No matter why you choose it, controlling your spend will give you more peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions

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