About eBills.

About eBills.

An eBill is a free electronic version of your bill. Sometimes it’s called paperless billing, but we call them eBills.

When your latest bill is ready, we’ll send you a text to let you know. Then all you have to do is log onto your secure My3 account to view it. If you connect to Mobile Broadband using mobile Wi-Fi or have a tablet such as an iPad, we’ll email you to let you know when your bill is ready.

Changing to eBills.

You can switch to eBills by visiting your My3 account on your computer:

  1. Log in to your My3 account by entering your Three number and your password. If you haven't registered yet, you can register here
  2. Under Change the way you receive your bills, select Change how I’m billed
  3. Select eBills
  4. Click Save

You’ll now receive eBills every month. The bill that you’ll see in your My3 account will have the same information as the paper bill that comes in the post.

If you aren’t happy with your eBill, you can change back to paper bills at any time. Just so you know, you’ll be charged £1.50 for each itemised paper bill you receive.

Viewing older bills.

You can see your bills from the last 12 months in your My3 account on your phone. If you want to go back further, you can view, download and print PDF copies of your bills from the last 12 months in your My3 account on your computer.

To view PDFs you'll just need to make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.


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