About your final bill.

About your final bill.

How it works.

Once you've submitted a request for your contract to be cancelled, we'll send you a confirmation by text message.

Because there's a 30-day notice period, your account will still be active for 30 days and any usage you make during this time will be included in your final bill.

Once your 30-day notice period is up, we'll close your account and send you a final bill with the date your account was closed and the final balance due. You'll receive this around 10 days later.

Why it might be higher.

Your final bill may be higher than you expected because it's for a longer period than a standard bill. It'll include all the charges you owed up until the day you called to cancel, plus the cost of line rental and usage for the 30-day notice period.

How to pay.

You can pay your final bill in all the usual ways. If you have a Direct Debit set up we'll let you know the date we'll collect this on the bill.

Still confused about your final bill? Feel free to get in touch with one of our dedicated Live chat advisors, who’ll be happy to talk you through it.

If you’ve requested a PAC code.

If you're transferring your number to another network, your final bill will be created two days after your number is transferred. Then, you'll receive your final bill after about ten days. Your account will be active until you use your PAC. You'll be billed for all your usage until the time your number is transferred.


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