About rounding on your bill.

About rounding on your bill.

Our systems work to very small fractions of a penny, but we only show your charges to three decimal places on your bill to make it easier to read. This means that each charge and total inside your bill has to be rounded up or down a little bit.

Don’t worry, you’re not being incorrectly charged. The final, correct charge is the one next to ‘Total due by’ which you can find on the front page of your new-look bill or at the bottom of your eBill when you log into My3. The final charge is based exclusively on the detailed underlying costs in our system.

Differences between totals on different bill pages, on the PDF or paper bills.

We work out the totals on your bill by adding up the charges and then rounding them up or down a little bit to make them easier to read. Don’t worry if there’s a small inconsistency between these totals and the ‘Total due by’ at the beginning of your bill. The ‘Total due by’ charge is your final, correct charge.

If your ‘Total due by’ charge is different from the total inside your bill, it’s usually only higher or lower by around a penny, because that’s the amount we round up or down to. Whether it’s higher or lower will vary depending on what you’ve used this month.


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