Controlling your spend.

Controlling your spend.

On our current Pay Monthly and SIM plans, there are two ways to control how much you spend on top of your normal monthly cost.

  1. Blocking calls that go over your monthly allowance.
    Say you have an allowance of 100 minutes a month. You can block your phone from making calls once you've used the 100 minutes.

    This way you won't be charged for any extra minutes outside your allowance. See below for setting up the block.

    Note: When you're in a Feel At Home destination, you can't call numbers beginning with 070, 09 or 118 directory enquiries. However, you can call 08 numbers, but they'll come out of your allowance. If you don't have an allowance, calls to 08 numbers cost up to 18.8p per minute.

  2. Blocking numbers that aren't included in your allowance.

    Certain numbers – such as 084 numbers, national directory services and premium-rate text competition numbers – aren't included in your monthly allowance.

    You can block your phone from being able to call or text these numbers – please see below for how to do this.

    Note: You can find a full rundown of numbers that aren't included in your allowance here.

Setting up blocks on your account.

You can change the blocking settings up to four times each calendar month.

  1. Log in to My3. If you haven't registered yet, you can register your My3 account here.

  2. Under Allowances, select Control your spend.

  3. Choose how you want to control your spend from the options available.


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