Spam messages on your phone.

Spam messages on your phone.

Spam messages are usually marketing messages that are sent to you without you requesting them. They can often feel annoying or intrusive but can sometimes be stopped easily and are usually harmless if ignored. The people who send these messages may be trying to access your personal information, sell you a premium rate service or encourage you to contact them so that you can be referred to another company that will try to sell you something.

At Three we're dedicated to protecting you from spam text messages. If you believe that you've received a one, we recommend you follow these steps:

  • Check that the message is spam. Legitimate marketing messages will usually be received from a shortcode or company that you recognise because in the past you've asked to receive their messages or used a service from them. Find out more about shortcodes.
  • Report the spam message to us by:
    1. Forwarding the unwanted message free of charge to 37726 or 7726
    2. Forwarding the number of the person who sent you the message free of charge to 37726 or 7726
  • Check the type of message:
    • If you've received the message from a shortcode, or you get the option to stop receiving future messages, reply 'Stop All' to stop the messages.
    • If you've received the message from a mobile phone number or any other untrustworthy source, we recommend that you don't respond to the message in any way.
    • If the message is about accident insurance claims, we strongly recommend that you don't respond to these messages in any way and that you report them to us immediately.

We may not be able to completely stop all unwanted messages on our network, but we'll always do our best to protect you from spam.

If you're worried about the spam messages you've received, you can report your message to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) who will be able to help you.

When you make a report, you should include:

  • the time and date you received the message
  • the content of the message.

It may not be possible for the ICO to follow up individual complaints if you haven't got any details about the company.


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