About Text messages & text message charges.

About Text messages & text message charges.

A text message is also known as an SMS (short messaging service). You can send text messages to other mobile phones or landlines and your phone is automatically set up to send and receive them.

To find out how to send a text message, go to device support and select your phone.

The cost of sending a text message depends on which price plan you're on. For details, check our price guide.

All our current Pay Monthly phone price plans and SIM price plans come with all-you-can-eat texts. If you're on an older plan and you find you're using up all the texts from your inclusive allowance, you can buy one of our text Add-ons. Add Text 75 will give you an extra 75 messages a month and Add Text 200 will give you an extra 200 messages a month. For Add-on prices, check our price guide.

Text delivery reports are currently charged at 1.2p per report. These delivery reports confirm whether the text messages that you send are delivered successfully. Learn how to switch delivery reports on or off by visiting our interactive guide and choosing your phone.

In some situations, your device will need to convert a text message into a different format. If your device says your text message is being changed to an MMS, it will be charged as a picture or video message and won't be included in any free text allowance you have. This may happen if you:

  • send a message that's too long to send as a normal text message. This varies between devices and manufacturers, but most phones will let you know when you've gone over the text message limit
  • send it to an email address. If you send it to multiple people and include one as an email address, the texts to all recipients will be charged as picture messages, because phones can't send different types of message to recipients in the same batch. It's easy to accidentally send to an email address if you've synchronised your contacts with a social network like Facebook, so you should check every time
  • send a text message to a large number of contacts, on some devices
  • enter a subject line
  • attach anything to the text like pictures, music or other files
  • include images in the message, like picture icons of smiley faces.

If you want to manage whether or not you spend money on numbers outside your allowance, find out how to control your spend.

Find out more about about picture & video message charges.

Chargeable and premium-rate texts

Some texts are always chargeable, regardless of what plan you're on. These include:

  • premium-rate texts and short-codes – often used for entering competitions, buying ringtones, and voting on reality TV shows like the X Factor
  • texts from the UK to an international number

Don't forget, if you don't want to spend extra on these texts you can block these numbers. Find out more about controlling your spend.

Out of Bundle charges.

As of 18 June, our prices for anything that’s not included in your allowance have changed. The table below details the new pricing for any out of bundle expenses, which includes minutes that are outside of or over your allowance, and international calls. International call charges apply when calling another country from the UK, and are separate from Feel At Home charges.

Service New price

Excess to Bundle minutes (minutes outside of your allowance).


Non-geographical numbers (numbers starting with 080, 0845, 118 etc)


MMS messages (picture messages).


International calls to Europe from the UK.


International calls to the rest of the world from the UK.


International texts from the UK to the rest of the world.



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