About picture & video messages & their charges.

About picture & video messages & their charges.

A picture or video message is also known as an MMS or 'multimedia messaging service'.

With picture and video messaging, you can send and receive photos, videos, or audio files from your phone. You'll have a size limit of 300KB, so it's not possible to send files over that size. 300KB should be large enough to send a photo or about twelve seconds of video. Most phones automatically re-size files where possible so that they're the correct size to send.

If the person you're sending your picture or video message to doesn't have picture messaging on their phone, they will usually be sent a link so they can see your message online if their mobile network provider supports it.

To find out how much it costs to send a picture or video message, check out our price guide.

Delivery reports are charged at 1.2p per report. These delivery reports confirm whether the messages that you send are delivered successfully. Learn how to switch delivery reports on or off, by visiting our guide and choosing your phone.


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