Using voicemail abroad.

Using voicemail abroad.

To listen to your voicemail abroad:

  1. Before you go away, make sure you know what your PIN is so that you can access your voicemail when you're out of the country
  2. Dial +447782 333 123
  3. You'll be asked to enter your PIN followed by #
  4. In some countries, you may be asked for your Three phone number and PIN
  5. Select 2 to listen to your voicemail

All calls on our network are automatically diverted to your voicemail for free when you're abroad.

Please be aware that standard roaming charges will apply for listening to your voicemail messages when you're abroad.

To find out how much it costs to use voicemail abroad, go to our price guide. Alternatively, check out Roaming charges to find out how much it’ll cost to use your device abroad.

When you’re calling from abroad, you’ll be asked for your voicemail PIN to be able to listen to your voicemails. If this happens and you can’t remember your voicemail PIN, you may need to reset it.


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