Planet 3.

Planet 3.

Most of our phones have Planet 3 already installed on them. To open Planet 3, you'll either find a Planet 3 icon on your homescreen or in Favourites. If not, you can get Planet 3 by typing into the address bar in your phone's internet browser. Make sure you add it to your bookmarksor favourites menu so you can find it again later.

You can use Planet 3 to access the internet on your phone, check your My3 account, get help and support information, download games and music and get the latest news and sport.

It's free to browse the Store, My3 and Help sections of Planet 3, but you'll be charged for using data when you click on a web link or download an app. This will come out of your data allowance. To keep track of how much data you're using, go to your My3 account, either on your phone or computer, and select Check my usage.

Planet 3 has three main sections:


Here you'll find links to popular sites like Facebook, the latest news and sports and some of our services including:

  • Music Store: here you can download music.
  • Games Store: here you can download download games and puzzles.
  • Tunes and Pix.

My3 account.

Your My3 account makes it really easy to keep track of your spending. You can use it to check how many minutes and texts you've got left, check your data allowance, top-up if you're on Pay As You Go, view and pay your monthly bills if you have a contract with us, edit your personal details and more.


Here you'll find loads of useful information to help you use your phone or Mobile Broadband device. You'll find help on getting started, understanding your bill, managing your contract and more.


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