Using your phone over Wi-Fi.

Using your phone over Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is a wireless internet connection that you can use to connect devices like phones to the internet. Most home broadband routers have Wi-Fi connections, and many public places like cafes and libraries offer them too.

If you're connected using Wi-Fi we won't charge you for using data as it means you're not connected to the internet over our network. If you’re using it on a home broadband Wi-Fi, you should contact your internet provider to find out about any potential data allowances you have with them.

If you don’t have all-you-can-eat data and you’re worried about going over your data allowance, you might want to use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet on your phone if you're doing things that use a lot of data, like downloading large app or phone operating system updates.

When you’re connected to Wi-Fi, your calls and texts still go over our network, but data use goes through your Wi-Fi connection rather than our network. This means that using data while connected to Wi-Fi won’t come out of your data allowance. It also means that you can’t connect to certain secure services on our network, like your My3 account. To use My3, you’ll need to turn off your Wi-Fi connection in your phone’s settings.

Connecting to Wi-Fi.

To connect to Wi-Fi you'll need to make sure that you've turned on Wi-Fi on your phone and that you have access to a Wi-Fi network. Most networks are protected so you'll need a Wi-Fi access key. If you're connecting to your home Wi-Fi use the same access key or password as you use to connect your computer to Wi-Fi. It's probably on the back of the router or in the box that your Wi-Fi router came in. If you're not sure what the key is you'll need to check with your internet provider.

Some public Wi-Fi services like BT Openzone or The Cloud can make it look like you’re connected to the internet, but direct you to a payment or login page when you try to open a page in your browser. In these cases, if you don’t want to use those services, we recommend you disable your Wi-Fi connection and access the internet through our network if possible.


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