About Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband.

About Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband.

Your Mobile Broadband device or SIM is ready to use as soon as you've bought it. You can find out how to get started by visiting our device support and selecting your device.

You'll get your first bill after nine days. Your first bill will be higher than your usual monthly charge, as you'll be charged for a month and up to nine days. This is so you can get connected as soon as you take your SIM or Mobile Broadband device out of the box. But don't worry – it won't be like this every month. After your first bill it should go back to normal.

On your first bill you'll see two charges:

  • the first charge is for your first four to nine days so you can start using your Three device right away
  • the second charge is your first full monthly charge. You'll see this charge on the rest of your bills.

These two charges combined will add up to the amount on your first bill.

The date printed under Your bill date is when your allowance will start again.

You're automatically set up to receive eBills, and we'll send you a text or an email if you have a tablet such as an iPad every month to let you know that your eBill is ready. You can see your full eBill by going to your My3 account from your computer or tablet.


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