Removing viruses from your computer.

Removing viruses from your computer.

If you think your computer has a virus or has become part of a botnet, you need to clean the virus from your computer to protect yourself and the information you have on your computer. If you have some security or anti-virus software make sure it's completely up-to-date and you carry out a full system scan to find out if your computer has been affected.

You can also scan your system using Microsoft Safety Scanner which is free. If you find any malicious programs on your computer, you can download the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool to remove it.

If you're not using any security software, there are a few options:

  • security vendors like McAfee or Norton offer a malware removal service which might help to clean your computer of a virus
  • some retailers like PC World and Carphone Warehouse offer a support service for virus and malicious software removal.

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