About Feel At Home.

With Feel At Home you can use your allowances to call and text the UK and use your data, and it won't cost you a penny more. If you don't have any allowance left, you'll also benefit from special roaming rates. It's also free for our customers to receive calls, texts, photo messages and video messages in our Feel At Home destinations, unless you’re on an Essential plan - find out which plan you’re on by logging into My3, then clicking Upgrades and Offers, then More details. You can also find out about our Feel At Home service on our main page.

If your plan includes Feel At Home, you can enjoy these benefits whether you’re on Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go, using a tablet, phone, Mobile Wi-Fi or dongle. If you’re on Pay Monthly, you’ll automatically use your monthly allowances and Add-on allowances to call and text the UK and use data, and if you’re on Pay As You Go you'll need to convert your Pay As You Go credit into an Add-on to get an allowance to fully enjoy Feel At Home.

Feel At Home works automatically when you arrive in a Feel At Home destination. Make sure data roaming is switched on in your device's settings. First, you’ll get a text confirming that calls and texts back to the UK and using data are at no extra cost. Then you’ll get a text confirming the standard international roaming charges for the country you’re in if you’ve used all of your plan’s allowances. Please note, on 1 July 2016 we made some changes to our international roaming pricing. To check out the standard international roaming charges for the country you’re visiting, go to Roaming Charges and choose your destination.

* Feel At Home is included in all plans, except our Essential plans. If you’re on an Essential plan, roaming in Feel At Home countries will still be chargeable.

Don't forget that when you're calling or texting back to the UK, you'll need to replace the first 0 in the number you're calling or texting with +44.

There are a few things you may want to check further down this page before you go abroad, including what to do if you have any problems when you get to your destination.

Our Feel At Home destinations.
What we mean by 'allowance' & all-you-can-eat allowances.
Usage restrictions.
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Problems using Feel At Home.
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