About roaming.

About data roaming.

Data roaming is using the internet on your phone when you're abroad, whether it's browsing the web or sending an email.

Smartphones are permanently connected to the internet so you could use data without realising it. If you use data on your phone when you're abroad, you'll be charged standard roaming rates, unless you’re in a Go Roam destination and you have a data allowance, either as part of your plan or an Add-on (unless you’re on one of our new Essential Plans, which don’t include Go Roam Around the World). If you plan includes Go Roam and you run out of your data allowance, you'll enjoy special lower roaming rates. Find out more about Go Roam and using your phone abroad at no extra cost.

You can change your roaming settings on your phone either before you leave or once you're abroad. If you switch data roaming off you won't need to worry about any applications running in the background that could be using data without you knowing. If you want to manage these settings by either switching them on or off, you'll need to change your phone's settings. You can find out how to do this here.

Whether you choose to have data roaming on or off, you'll still be able to make calls and send texts.

For Mobile Wi-Fi users, your device isn't set up to automatically connect to the internet while roaming abroad, to prevent you from incurring unexpected data usage and charges. Find out more information on how to change this setting here

Unless you’re in a Go Roam destination with a plan that includes Go Roam, using data abroad is always excluded from any inclusive allowances or Add-ons you have, and our control your spend blocks don't work when you're abroad, so you'll be charged for using it in Megabytes (MB). All-you-can-eat data can't be used abroad. If you’re in a Go Roam in Europe destination, you can use up to 13GB on Pay Monthly plans and 12GB on Pay As You Go if you have a data allowance from an Add-on. In Go Roam Around the World destinations you can use up to 12GB on Pay Monthly or Pay As you Go plans. Any data usage over these limits will be subject to a surcharge of 0.50p/MB unless you’re roaming in the following countries, in which case it’ll be 0.41p/MB: Aland Islands, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion, Norway, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein. Find out more about Go Roam.

Worldwide and EU data roaming limits.

We don't think you should spend more than you want to when using the internet on your phone or Mobile Broadband device when you're abroad. So to help manage your costs, we've set a worldwide data roaming limit of £42.50 per month.

You can find more information, including details of how to change this limit here.


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