About TrafficSense™.

About TrafficSense™.

TrafficSense™ is a term we use to describe how we manage traffic on our network. Whenever we do this, it’s to provide the best possible internet experience for all our customers.

Our approach to this may vary over time in order to meet network demand. The latest information on TrafficSense™ and how it may affect you is available on this page.

As a network built to serve its customers we have to be prepared to ensure we can provide you with a smooth and reliable experience no matter what. In the event of network or equipment failure, or heavy congestion, we may have to deploy technology to ensure that our network runs smoothly, supporting time critical traffic and minimising disruption.

Go Roam Around the World

In relation to overseas traffic in Go Roam destinations we provide a choice of plans, some of which include traffic management. We do this to provide customers with choice as to the type of service they may wish to enjoy and to protect our network.

In Go Roam Around the World destinations we provide streaming at standard definition, reduce the speed of P2P and VPN services to ensure we can provide time critical services to all our customers, use of Personal Hotspot is not included. The above measures apply to all plans.

Contract handset and SIM Only contract customers wishing to use unlimited data on our network, without any of the above restrictions in Go Roam Around the World destinations can purchase a Data Passport Add-on. Further details can be found here.

For further information on our traffic management approach see our TrafficSense™ facts document, or you can see what we say about traffic management in our terms and conditions.



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