About TrafficSense™.

About TrafficSense™.

TrafficSense™ is a term we use to describe how we manage traffic on our network. It’s designed to give you the best possible mobile internet experience by:

  • improving the consistency and quality of your experience in parts of our network where a lot of people are already using it at once
  • preventing our network from slowing down as more people join us.

We don’t constrain the amount of data you can use (subject to your data allowances, of course) but we may dedicate a certain amount of bandwidth to tethering, so that all other types of traffic can make the most of the rest of it.

Without TrafficSense™, a small minority of users could take up a large proportion of our network capacity throughout the day. This would inevitably affect a large majority of people trying to do simple things like browsing the web.

Our approaches may vary over time in order to meet network demand. The latest information on TrafficSense™ and how it may affect you is available on this page and there's more detailed information in our TrafficSense™ facts document, or you can see what we say about traffic management in our terms and conditions.


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