Pay As You Go abroad.

On Pay As You Go you're automatically set up to use your phone in over 100 countries abroad. New countries are being added all the time, so check back regularly for updates.

Before you go abroad, you need to make sure that you've topped up your phone. If you think that you might run out of credit while you're away, register your credit or debit card to your My3 account so you can top-up while you're away. Then to top-up abroad you just need to log into your My3 account on a computer, select Top-up and follow the onscreen instructions.

Before you go away you should also make sure that you've set up voicemail and that you remember to pack a phone charger and consider insuring your phone.

To see which countries you can currently use your phone in and to check prices, pick a destination from the dropdown menu.

Please pick a destination from the dropdown menu.
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On our network all calls are automatically diverted to your voicemail when you're abroad if you don't answer or are unable to take the call. This means that you don't need to manually divert calls. Calls are diverted to your voicemail for free, but standard roaming charges apply for listening to your voicemail messages when you're abroad. Calls diverted to other numbers are charged at our standard roaming rates.

If you've manually diverted calls to your voicemail or any other number, you can automatically reset your voicemail by pressing ##002#.

For a complete list of all our charges, check our price guide.

You can find out how to manage these costs here.