Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband Add-on costs.

Here you can find more information about our available Add-ons for Pay Monthly Tablet, Mobile Wi-Fi, dongle and HomeFi tariffs.

If you run out of data, you can continue to use data outside of your allowance, and you’ll be charged for what you use at 1p/MB in the UK (roaming rates will depend on where you are).

As a Pay Monthly, or SIM Only Mobile Broadband customer, if you find yourself needing more data to use in the UK or in one of our Go Roam destinations, and you would prefer a fixed allowance, you have the option of adding one of our short-term Add-ons. You can only buy one of each Add-on per billing cycle, and it’ll last until your usual monthly allowance refreshes.

To buy an Add-on, simply log-in to your My3 account and select Buy an Add-on, then choose the Add-on you'd like to buy.



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