Text spam - recognising it and what to do next.

At Three, we take text spam and phishing attempts seriously. If you received a text message asking you to enter your card details or other personal information, it’s likely text spam and you should delete the message immediately.

What is text spam, or Smishing?

Text spam (also known as SMS Phishing or Smishing for short) is a common method used by scammers to trick you into going to a website or to call a specified number. Once you’ve responded, they’ll ask you to provide confidential details, attempt to infect your device with malware, or get you to respond to a premium rate service.

These messages can be very convincing and look like genuine messages sent by organisations you deal with.

Here are a few telltale signs on how to spot a Smishing attack.

What does a Smishing message look like?
What should you do if you think you’ve received a suspicious message?


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