ZTE MF730M dongle support.

Your dongle dashboard.

Your dongle has an online dashboard you can use to manage your account. Your dongle needs to be connected to your computer for you to be able to access the dashboard. The dashboard is free to access and won't use up any of your data allowance.

You won't be able to use the dashboard if you're using Windows 8.

From your dashboard you can:

  • update your dongle’s software
  • change your SIM PIN
  • check your dongle’s signal strength
  • find out more about Mobile Broadband
  • find your Mobile Broadband number
  • send and receive text messages to and from mobile phones.

    If you're using Internet Explorer 11, you might need to add the web addresses below into your browser’s compatibility list.

    To open your dashboard, enter http://m.home or into the navigation bar at the top of your browser. It might be a good idea to bookmark it.



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