Sony Xperia™ M2 support.

Transfer your contacts.

It's easy to transfer your content from your old phone to your new Sony Xperia phone using Xperia Transfer.

If your old phone is an iPhone, click here.

If your old phone is an Android phone, you'll be able to use the Xperia Transfer app to move your content to your new phone. For all other phones, click here.

For all Android phones:

  1. Download the Xperia Transfer app from Play Store on both your old and new phone

  2. Tap Accept

  3. Tap Next

  4. If your old phone is an iPhone, you'll need to use Xperia Transfer on your computer. If it's Android, tap Android device

  5. Make sure your new phone is set as the Receiver. Tap Next

  6. Make sure your old phone is set as the Sender. Tap Next

  7. You'll see the PIN you'll need to enter into your old phone

  8. Type the PIN into your old phone then tap Connect

  9. Tap Accept on your new phone

  10. On your old phone, choose the content you'd like to transfer. Scroll down to see photos, music and videos. If your contacts are saved to your Google account, you'll need to transfer them in a different way. Tap Transfer

  11. Your content will start transferring to your new phone

  12. Once it's complete, tap Finish

    Your content will now have been transferred to your new phone.


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