Apple iPhone 6 support.

Transfer your contacts.

Before you can transfer your contacts from your old phone to your new iPhone, you'll need to back up your contacts to your computer using the software that came with your old phone.

If your old phone was an iPhone, you can restore your contacts from a back up using iTunes.

If your old phone was an Android phone, it's likely that your contacts would have been backed up to Google. Set your Google account up on your iPhone and choose to sync your contacts.

For all other phones, you'll need to back up your contacts using the software that came with the phone. If you don't have this software, or you never got it with your phone, visit the phone manufacturer's website where you should find links for downloading the software you need:

You'll need to enter the serial number in the search box. You'll also need to download the right software for your phone (like PC Studio/PC Sync/Kies).

All these manufacturers let you back up your contacts to a format recognised by Microsoft Outlook - this is called a vCard. If you don't have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer, you should be able to sync with Windows contacts instead.

Once your contacts are backed up to Outlook or Windows contacts, you can sync your iPhone with your computer.

Using this service will help you keep your contacts up to date and means you can save your contacts to another phone if you lose your iPhone or it gets stolen.


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