Apple iPad Air 2 support.

Activating your iPad.

Before you can use your iPad, you'll need to insert your SIM. To activate the iPad, you'll need to connect to our network or Wi-Fi. If you don't have a network or Wi-Fi connection, click here to complete your iPad activation using iTunes.

To activate your iPad:

  1. Slide your finger across the screen

  2. Select your chosen language and tap the white arrow at the top of the screen

  3. Select your country and tap Next

  4. If you have Mobile Network, you can choose Use Mobile Connection to activate your iPad. Or, if Wi-Fi is available, you can choose a network. You'll need to enter the security key when asked. Once connected to the network, tap Next. If you don't have a Mobile or Wi-Fi connection, click here to complete your iPad activation using iTunes

  5. Lots of apps and features on your iPad need Location Services to work. We recommend that you Enable Location Services.
    Note: Location services will use data from your plan

  6. Once your iPad has activated, you need to set up it up by following the steps below

  7. If you already have an active iTunes account, you should use this as your Apple ID. If not, you can create an Apple ID by following the onscreen instructions

  8. You might be asked to add extra security to your Apple ID. You can choose Not Now if you don't want to add security questions. Tap Next

  9. To accept the Terms and Conditions, tap Agree

  10. You'll be asked to tap Agree again

  11. iCloud lets you use a Wi-Fi connection to move content between your Apple devices. Apple currently offers 5GB of online storage for free. You can find out more about iCloud here

  12. You can use Apple's free Find my iPad service. This lets you find or block your iPad from anywhere in the world if you've lost it. Choose whether or not to use this service, then tap Next

  13. You'll be asked if you want to create a passcode. Type your passcode in or tap Don't Add Passcode if you don't want one

  14. If you'd like to use the iPhone's voice recognition software, tap Use Siri

  15. Apple would like to gather information on how you use your iPad to improve services. Choose whether you'd like to send them this information

  16. Tap Get Started

    Your iPad is now ready to use.


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