Samsung Galaxy S7 support.

Turning 4G on or off.

To use 4G on our network, you'll need to make sure you've got the latest software version available for your phone. You'll also need to check to make sure you've got 4G coverage in your area.

If our 4G network isn't available in your location yet, you can check our list to see if we're bringing 4G to your area.

There are two ways to use 4G:

  • 4G data - allows you to use 4G for data using our 1800MHz spectrum.

  • 4G Super-Voice - allows signal to travel further into buildings using our lower frequency spectrum. It'll let you make calls and texts in places you might not have been able to before.

Check out our 4G Super-Voice pages for more information on making calls over 4G.

You should make sure that 4G is enabled on your phone. If for some reason you decide you don't want to use 4G yet, you can also disable 4G on your phone.

To enable or disable 4G on your phone:

  1. From the homescreen, tap Apps

  2. Tap Settings

  3. Tap Mobile networks

  4. Tap Network mode

  5. If you want to use 4G, make sure LTE/WCDMA/GSM is enabled. If you just want to connect to our 3G network, make sure WCDMA/GSM is enabled.


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