5G Hub Support.

How to get the best performance

To get the best out of your Three Broadband connection, you’ll need to make sure your hub is free of any obstructions and at least one metre away from other electrical items like TVs, cordless phones etc.

We recommend placing your hub on a windowsill, this'll help it receive the best possible signal from our network.

You can test signal strength using the Huawei app for your android or apple device.

Note: Actual screens may differ.

  1. Open the Huawei app on your Android or Apple device and log in if prompted.

  2. Tap Show more

  3. Tap Test Optimize location

  4. Tap Start

  5. The app will test your current signal strength and give it a rating.

  6. You can try and improve the level of signal by moving the hub around different rooms in your property.



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