LG G6 support.

Setting up Knock Code.

Knock Code lets you unlock your phone by just tapping a sequence on your screen. Knock to unlock has 86,367 different ways to unlock your phone, making it even harder for someone to gain access to your phone.

You need to have a minimum of six taps and a maximum of eight.

To set up Knock Code:

  1. On the homescreen, tap Settings. You can also access Settings in Apps or by tapping the settings symbol from the top drag down menu from the homescreen.

  2. Tap the Display tab then tap Lock screen.

  3. Tap Select screen lock.

  4. Tap Knock Code.

  5. Tap Next.

  6. Enter your Knock code then tap Continue.

  7. Confirm your Knock code by tapping it again and tap Confirm.

  8. You'll need to set up a backup PIN in case you forget the knock code. Tap Next.

  9. Enter your chosen backup PIN and tap Next.

  10. Confirm your PIN and tap OK.

    Knock Code will now be set up on your phone.


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