Huawei E586 support.

Your MiFi dashboard.
Your MiFi dashboard.

Your MiFi has an online dashboard you can use to manage your account. You need to be connected to your MiFi to access the dashboard. The dashboard is free to access and won't use up any of your data allowance.


From your dashboard you can:


  • change your MiFi name (SSID) and password (Wi-Fi key) to something more memorable
  • change your dashboard login password
  • check your MiFi's signal strength
  • find out more about Mobile Broadband
  • send and receive text messages to and from mobile phones.


To open your dashboard:

  • from your browser - enter this URL: http://3.home/ in your browser. It might be a good idea to bookmark it
  • from a Windows computer - the first time you connect your MiFi to your computer with the USB cable, the MiFi will create a desktop shortcut to the dashboard. Double click this 3 icon to open your browser and go straight to the dashboard


You can find out how to install your MiFi here.


Logging in to the dashboard.

The first time you log in to the dashboard, you'll need to enter your username and password:


Default username: Admin
Default password: Admin

You can change the password using the Change your settings link on the dashboard. This can be done by following the WLAN settings.


If you change your dashboard password and then forget it next time you log on, you can reset all passwords to the default settings by resetting your MiFi .


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