Getting games on your phone.

Getting games on your phone.

There are different ways to get games on your phone depending on which phone you have. You can download games from the App Store if you've got an iPhone, from Android Market if you've got Android phone, or App World if you've got a BlackBerry. If you've got another Three phone you can find games by going to Favourites. Or go to Planet 3 and click on the Games icon under Store.

To buy a game from Planet 3:

  1. Select the game you want to buy and click Buy. The money will be taken from your credit if you're on Pay As You Go, or will be added onto your monthly bill
  2. Once the payment has gone through, you’ll be taken to a page confirming your purchase. To download your game, just click on the link shown and follow the instructions
  3. If you’re having problems downloading the game, you can download it for free during the next 90 days. Just go to My Games (which you can get to from the main Games & Puzzles homepage)

For any help, click on Games & Puzzles help.

Your subscription to games will continue until you decide to cancel.

To cancel:

  1. Go to My Games
  2. Select My account
  3. Select Cancel

Please note: If you subscribe to a game for a month but decide to cancel during that time, you'll still have to pay for the whole month.


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