About your Business credit limit

A credit limit is put on your account to help you manage your monthly spend. We'll let you know when you're getting near it by sending a text message to your phone or connect dashboard (some services become restricted when you go over* your credit limit).


When you're travelling outside the UK, you'll automatically incur charges using your phone or Mobile Broadband. If you go over your credit limit we'll restrict your service to prevent any further charges. We recommend you review your credit limit before leaving the UK if you intend on using your phone or dongle often. If you need to call us when roaming, dial +44 7782 333 337 (all calls will be charged at the applicable roaming rate).

Using Internet and Data while roaming in the EU

We don't want you to spend more money than you want to when using the internet on your phone or Mobile Broadband while in the EU. So to help you manage costs abroad, we've set an EU roaming data limit for all our customers. For full details take a look at our About roaming page.

*It's not always possible to monitor your spend in real-time, so we can't guarantee that your service will be restricted once you've gone over your limit.



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