iPhone SE support.

Setting up a SIM PIN.

The steps below are based on using the latest software. If the screenshots or steps look different to you, you should update your software, to keep your phone working smoothly and securely.

To set up a PIN for your SIM card:

  1. Tap Settings

  2. Tap Phone

  3. Tap SIM PIN

  4. Switch SIM PIN on

  5. Enter your PIN. If you haven't changed your PIN before, it'll be 0000. Tap Done

  6. If the default PIN doesn't work, you might have already created a PIN. Either enter that PIN or if you've forgotten what it was but enter the wrong SIM three times, call us to get a PUK code, which will allow you to reset your PIN. You'll have ten attempts to enter the PUK code before your SIM is locked permanently

  7. To change your SIM PIN tap Change PIN and follow the onscreen instructions

    Your PIN will now be set up on your phone.



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